Which Used Truck Has The Best Features For You?

Trucks are some of the most capable and versatile vehicles on the road. That is why they make for such good work vehicles, especially if you need to move your equipment around in Coraopolis, PA. Our team can help you find which used truck from our inventory best fits what you are looking for in your next vehicle.

Used Trucks For Sale at Sunset Volkswagen Inc.

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We're sorry, availability of some equipment, options or features may be limited due to global supply issues affecting the auto industry. Please be sure to verify that the vehicle you purchase includes all expected features and equipment.

Truck Styles

The first thing our team will try and discover is what kind of truck are you looking to drive around McMurray, PA. There are many different sizes of trucks that have different uses and different performance levels. Most major manufacturers like Ford, Chevy, Toyota, and GMC make a small pickup.

Small pickups make for great daily drivers as they typically get much better gas mileage than a standard size truck. You still get most of the utility that you can find in standard size trucks, and you can expect to get around half as much towing or cargo capacity. If you don't need all of the performance that full-size trucks come with and you want something with a bed and room for passengers, a small pickup is a great option.

The most popular type of truck is the standard pickup truck. These trucks typically can tow just about any standard size trailer, and they can come in many different body styles. Regular cabs only come with seating for two or three, while crew cabs have room for up to six passengers. You can also get standard trucks with longer beds to hold more equipment and cargo if needed for your driving habits in Wheeling, WV.

The final type of truck is heavy-duty trucks, and they are the ultimate workhorses. They can tow massive trailers and come with unique heavy-duty suspension. They also are typically much larger than a standard size truck, which makes them better for crossing Wintersville, OH.

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If you want to explore our full inventory of used models you can stop by our Sunset Volkswagen Inc dealership. Our team will help you find the truck that best fits your needs, and they can even get you behind the wheel so you can see how easy it is to drive.